Ahuja dxa 2502 price ,ahuja dxa 2502 amplifier

Ahuja dxa 2502 price ,ahuja dxa 2502 amplifier

Ahuja dxa 2502 price 
इस Amplifier में 2 ohms तक  का लोड दिया जा सकता  है पर चैंनल
ahuja dxa 2502 amplifier
4 speaker तक parallel connection कर सकते है  पर चैनल 
dual channle mosfet
dual channle mosfet
ahuja dxa 2502 amplifier

Brand ------------------------- Ahuja

Model -------------------------- DXA-2502

Type --------------------------  mosfet Amplifier

CHANNLE  TYPE --------------- Dual Channel Power Amplifier

8Ω,OHMS -------------  2× 600W RMS 

 4,OHMS -------------  2×900W RMS

2,OHMS ------------ 2×1250W RMS

Single Channel Driven Output ----------- Ω 700WATT RMS, 4Ω 1000WATT RMS, 2Ω 1350WATT RMS

Bridged Output     ----------- 8Ω 1800WATT RMS, 4Ω 2500WATT RMS
Frequency Response ------------- [-1dB]    20-20,000Hz

Input Sensitivity ---------------- 0dBm [775mV] & 4dBm [1.23V]

Power Bandwidth --------------- 20-20,000Hz

Input Impedance ------------- 10k Unbalanced, 20k Balanced

Channel Separation ------------- 65dB at 1kHz

S/N Ratio -------------------- 95dB

CLASS ------------------- H

Damping Factor ---------------  400 : 1 [8Ω]

Protections -------------- Temperature, DC, RFI, Short Circuit, 

Overload, AC over voltage, Built-in limiter

Slew Rate ------------------ 35V/µs
input Connectors -------------- 2×XLR, Stereo Audio Jack 6.3mm

Output Connectors --------------- Speakon 4-Way, Heavy Duty 
Binding Post each channel Cooling  Variable Speed DC Fan with Temperature Sensing

Front Panel Controls  ----------------- 2× 41 Step Level Attenuators

Indicators ------------------- ON, Signal, Clip, Temperatures, Protect [Ch. A & B]

Dimensions -------------------- W482 × H153 × D590mm

Power Consumption --------------- 3000VA @ 240V / 50Hz

Weight ------------------------ 32.7Kg

Color --------------------- BlacK

APPROXMATLY PRICE ------------------- 40000/-

Official site:-http://m.ahujaradios.com/

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