STRANGER SRX 12 MIXER stranger mixer 12 channel price and specification

STRANGER SRX 12 MIXER stranger mixer 12 channel price
srx 12 mixing console
Stranger 12 channle mixing console
यह mixer 12 चैनल की है
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With Bluetooth


in High Quality Recording


[HI,MID,LOW] 3 BAND per channle

GAIN NOB ----------------    [-10 db to -60 db]

PAN per channle  -------------- left & right

Mute switch --------------per fader

USB --------------------- PAN DRIVE MEMORY CARD

AUDIO RECORDING ----------------------- DIRECT

AUX -------------------- 2 Aux send [Pre – fader & Post fader]

EFFECT CONTROL NOB -------------- Built-in DSP digital  Effects

PER CHANNLE FADER ----------------- 60mm Long Taper Fader

 Frequency response --------------------- 25Hz – 20 kHz

GRAPHIC EQUILIZER ----------------------7 Band Stereo GraphicEquiliser

Power Supply ----------------------  21 VA Max  220V AC 50Hz ± 10%

Power Supply ---------------------------  220V AC 50Hz

NET  Weight ---------------5.650kg. [Approx]

APPROXMATLY stranger mixer 12 channel price --------------13000/-

Official site:-http://strangeraudio.org/

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